Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


- You can demand for payment once your account total is the first atleast $2 or more. Your payment will be prepared and proccessed between 2 working days (48H) from the moment you request them whenever money is available. At this time we utilize just Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. If you demand your payment yet you are not qualified to get assets or you have added an off-base id, you can not demand for a refund. We are not liable for your mix-ups.

Members And Cheating

-The records are not adaptable. It can not be exchanged, being sold under any conditions. Each record has an individual information so exchanging with it is very denied.
A client may have just one record, same as a part has just a single distinguishing proof card and identification. Any endeavor to make more than one record will prompt end of every one of them. In the event that a client fails to remember his/her login subtleties, it is better for him/her to open a help ticket better compared to endeavoring to open another record with a similar information. The logging subtleties will be messaged to you once you demand it.
Clients utilizing bogus data, including complete name, while enlisting or changing their own settings will have their records suspended.
You should talk and comprehend English to utilize our administrations. A similar principle comes when you speak with our group.
Individuals should sign in any event once a year to keep the record dynamic. Latent individuals will have their records suspended, and their record adjusts, similar to fundamental equilibrium, buy balance, focuses, overhauls, references and publicizing credits, reset. To stay away from very much the same individual to have different records with us, we don't end (erase) inert records. Any individual who needs his record actuated once more, after a time of dormancy, should email us.
The utilizing of any sort of auto-click programming is prohibited. If you are offering or discovered to advance or utilizing any unapproved outsider programming or administrations for auto-clicking commercials and/or auto - surfing, at that point your record will be ended without notice. Erasure of your record because of any of these infringement brings about relinquishment of all record balances.Please note that a lawful activity may likewise be started.
Signing in from Proxy workers, any sort of VPNs, just as utilizing shared organizations (, for example, yet not restricted to schools, LAN houses, cybercafes, and so forth) isn't permitted.
Each Hack endeavor or mishandling our framework will bring about account suspension for all time.
Just one record for each IP address is permitted. The Attempt at making more than one record will prompt all records suspension.

Individuals may allude a limitless number of direct references.
You may not allude others in your family. Just one record, email, and I.P. per client.
Each reference ought to have an exceptional and legitimate email address. It isn't ideal the utilizing of email generators, the messages from these locales are every now and again utilized by miscreants and clients who would prefer not to procure reasonable, however to make different records.
You should not send spontaneous messages or power anybody in some other manner into turning into your reference. You additionally can not utilize any assistance that endeavors to sell your references. We can check such occurrences and they will bring about account end.

Advertising On MxCrypto-Ptc

Members must purchase ads from MxCrypto-Ptc
The site should not contain obscene, bigot, segregating, disgusting, unlawful, or other grown-up materials of any sort.
The site should not contain any frame breakers.
The Shortlinks do not allowed for the members.
The ads in the video Ads category should not contain any offensive content and should not contain pornography.
The site should not contain or advance any infections.
The site should not contain ANY prompts, for example, download exchanges or affirmation cautions.
The site should not surpass the 1 popup/popunder limit.
The site's single popup/popunder should not open any new windows.
The site's single popup/popunder should not break any of the above terms.

Loss of profits

Mxcrypto-ptc.com bears no responsibility for winnings in games of chance like Spin Faucet and is not a refund of your lost revenue.
Play responsibly!

Message System

Mxcrypto-ptc.com gives you the opportunity to communicate with a message through our messege system, but by activating it, you undertake to use it wisely.
Mxcrypto-ptc.com did not bring you any responsibility for it may have been sent to you by other users and we can not control whether you send it. If you do not agree, do not activate the service

Changes in advertising packages and their pricing.

MxCrypto-Ptc has the right and the ability to change the prices of the ad package as well as the package contents

Changes in  pay per click earnings

MxCrypto-Ptc has the right and the ability to change the earning prices of the view AD any time

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