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Started by Quirion620 2022-01-06 at 08:38
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Hello there i am testing the rented referral system here and i will post my stats as a guide to help people to understand.

My investment: 0.30
1 rented ref : 0.29
Recycling fee: 0.01
Renew fee: 0.00
Clicks earned: 25
Earned so far: 0.0026
Average/day: 1.549
Days left : 11

After 19 days we can see that is impossible to make money with rented referrals here on mxcrypto unfortunatly. I am an upgraded member and i earn 0.0001 $ per ref's clic i would need 2900 clics monthly from my rented ref just to make it even! I will make it through the month to really expose a feature of the website that really need to be erased or modified.

Thanks admin
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